>Name: Rini
Birthday: 07/04/79
Birthplace: Jakarta
Current Location: Jakarta
Eye Color: Dark brown juga kali yeee
Hair Color: Hitam kemerahan
Height: 164 cm
Right Handed or Left Handed: Right donk
Your Heritage: Central Java
The Shoes You Wore Today: High heels
Your Fears: Allah SWT
Thoughts First Waking Up: Where’s my hubby? :D
Your Best Physical Feature: My dimple
Your Bedtime: night
Your Most Missed Memory: High school jugaaaaa
Single or Group Dates: Married
Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla
Cappuccino or Coffee: cappuccino
Do you Smoke: absolutely no
Do you Swear: sometimes
Do you Sing: everyday
Do you Shower Daily: iyalaaahhh
Do you want to get Married: already
Do you belive in yourself: sometimes yes, sometimes no
Do you think you are Attractive: pastinya…narsis huehehehe
Are you a Health Freak: Ga juga
Do you get along with your Parents: Yup
Do you like Thunderstorms: Not really
Do you play an Instrument: Guitar…was
In the past month have you Drank Alcohol: No
In the past month have you Smoked: No
In the past month have you been on Drugs: No
In the past month have you gone on a Date: Everyday with Mas :x
In the past month have you gone to a Mall: Kerjaannya cewek nih
In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos: No
In the past month have you eaten Sushi: No
In the past month have you been on Stage: No
In the past month have you been Dumped: Oh..no
In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping: No
In the past month have you Stolen Anything: Gw bukan maling kaleeee
Ever been Drunk: No
Ever been called a Tease: Pernah ga ya???
Ever been Beaten up: Pernah
Ever Shoplifted: Gak lah
How do you want to Die: Husnul Khotimah
What do you want to be when you Grow Up: Sukses dunia akhirat..amiiiinnnn
What country would you most like to Visit: Saudi Arabia (Mekkah pastinya), Europe, Carribean

[my name is]: Rini
[in the morning i am]: Hug My Hubby :D
[all i need is]: TLC
[love is]: a beautiful thing
[im afraid of]: Allah SWT
[i dream about]: having a baby hihihihi

. . W H I C H . I S . B E T T E R . .
[coke or pepsi]: Coke
[flowers or candy]: Flower..gak doyan permen
[tall or short]: Tall lah

. . W I T H .T H E. O P P O S I T E. S E X . .
[what do you notice first?]: Fisik dulu pastinya (ga munafik)
[last person u slow danced with]: kl joget dangdutan masuk ga nih????
[worst question to ask]: r u crazy???

. . W H O . .
[makes you laugh the most] : my hubby & my pals
[makes you smile]: ngeliat org yg gw sayang bahagia :x
[gives you a funny feeling when you see them]: pelawak/badut
[do you have a crush on?]: i do now
[has a crush on you?]: klo gak, gw ga dinikahin kaleeee :p
[easiest to talk to]: my hubby, my mom, my pals

. . D O. Y O U .E V E R . .
[sit on the internet all day waiting for someone special to I.M. you?]: bangeetttt
[save aol/aim conversations]: ho oh kl yang bikin gw melayang2
[wish you were a member of the opposite sex]: sometimes..huh???
[cried because of someone saying something to you]: yeaahhh

. . H A V E .Y O U .E V E R . .
[fallen for your best friend]: once..i guess
[been rejected]: yup…kasiaaaaannn deh gw huehehhe
[rejected someone]: yup..bales dendam :D
[used someone]: Gak sengaja
[been cheated on]: i guess
[done something you regret]: many

. . W H O .W A S .T H E .L A S T. P E R S O N . .
[you talked to on the phone]: orang nawarin asuransi kesehatan…nyebelin :D
[hugged]: my beloved Mas
[you instant messaged]: dicky_wp always :D
[you laughed with]: Hubby and pals

. . D O .Y O U . .
[color your hair]: never
[ever get off the damn computer]: ???

. . DO .Y O U / / A R E .Y O U . .
[smoke cigarettes]: not interested
[obsessive]: sometimes
[could you live without the computer?]: jangaaaaaaaaannnnnn
[how many peeps are on your buddylist?]: gak pernah ngitung
[what’s your favorite food?]: bakso, pizza, ayam goreng..semua deeehhh
[whats ur favorite fruit?]: ice lemon tea
[drink alchohol?]: nope
[like watching sunrises or sunset]: Sunrises
[what hurts the most? physical pain or emotional pain?]: emotional pain laaahhh
[trust others way too easily?]: not me

. . N U M B E R . .
[of times i have had my heart broken? Meneketehee
[of hearts i have broken?] : Meneketehe
[of boys i have kissed?] : malyu aahhh :">
[of girls i have kissed?] : kissed on mouth??? gile apa yeeee??
[of continents i have lived in?] : Indonesah doank
[of drugs taken illegally?] : GAK
[of tight friends?] : 7 – 15 ??
[of cd’s that i own?] : Gak ngitung
[of scars on my body]: banyak, secara dulu sering jatoh :D

I KNOW: that he loves me
I WANT: to be always happy
I HAVE: peoples who love me so much
I WISH: i can make my mother happier everyday
I HATE: when someone lied to me
I MISS: all my friends
I FEAR: of Allah SWT
I HEAR: the Radio
I WONDER: why i can live in this beautiful worlds with so many blessing
I REGRET: bad things that i’ve done to people
I LOVE: my husband, my mom, my family n my pals
I ACHE: my head if i don’t have money huehehehhe
I CARE: of you
I ALWAYS: love you Mas
I AM NOT: a boy??
I DANCE : with u
I SING: everyday
I CRY: when i see u sad
I DO NOT ALWAYS: be a good person
I WRITE: this blog
I WIN: your heart Mas :x
I LOSE: nothing
I CONFUSE: when i see u confuse
I LISTEN: to the radio
I AM HAPPY ABOUT: my life now
I SHOULD: be a good person after Ramadhan

1. Nervous Habits: sweating & stomachache
2. Are you double jointed: maksutnyah??
3. Can you roll your tongue: can lah..
4. Can you raise one eyebrow at a time: can juga
5. Can you blow spit bubbles: yep
6. Can you cross your eyes: jereng???
7. Tattoos: kl temporary lucu juga
8. Piercings: di kuping
9. Do you make your bed daily: yup

10. Which shoe goes on first: right lah
11. Speaking of shoes, have you ever thrown one at anyone: have i ??
12. On the average, how much money do you carry: depend
13. what jewelry do you wear today?: wedding ring, ring from my pals & ring from my cousin in law, bracelet from Mas
14. Favorite piece of clothing: jeans

— FOOD —
15. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it: twirl
17. Favorite ice cream flavor: vanilla, duren :D
18. How many cereals in your cabinet: ga nyimpen
19. What’s your favorite beverage: ice lemon tea, es kelapa, ice capuccino
20. What’s your favorite restaurant: yg enak2 aja lah
21. Do you cook: yes..sometimes

22. How often do you brush your teeth: two – three times a day
23. Hair drying method: ngasal yg penting kering
24. Have you ever colored / highlighted your hair: nope

25. Do you swear: sometimes
26. Do you ever spit: ew…

27. Animal: Puss..meong
28. Food: bakso, pempek
29. Month: august :D
30. Day: weekend lah
31. Cartoon: ice age
32. Shoe Brand: penting ???
33. Subject in school: math, phisic, biology, chemistry..hahahahha
34. Color: purple laaahhhh
35. Sport: Swimming, jogging
36. show: nip/tuck huehehehe

41. In the CD player: heh??
42. Person you talk most on the phone with: My Mas
44. Do you regularly check yourself out in store windows and mirrors: iyalaahhh :D
45. What color is your bedroom: white
47. Window seat or aisle:window

48. What’s your sleeping position: hug Mas hihihihi
49. Even in hot weather do you use a blanket: nope
50. Do you snore: sometimes :">
51. Do you sleepwalk: never
52. Do you talk in your sleep: sometimes
53. Do you sleep with stuffed animals: sleep with my chubby hubby
54. How about with the light on: enakan gelap2an :D
55. Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on: sometimes

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